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Truth or Dare Pro

4.1 ( 9571 ratings )
نمط الحياة الترفيه
المطور: Krysis LLC
0.99 USD

The Truth or Dare app is the most alluring game to be found under the light of a full moon. Find out what kind of animal you really are after you experience a wild trip through over 300 truth and dare challenges.

You can also give this Truth or Dare App your own personal taste by creating additional challenges, or removing the ones you find too tame.

Your friends will jump at the chance to play along and you can teach those young pups a thing or two after you have mastered the game yourself. You can add an unlimited number of personalized players and the shake option selects a player at random for extra momentum and excitement.

Who knows? You could have the hotties purring like a kitten, eating out of your hand, rolling with laughter or panting for more.

So come on! What are you waiting for? Are you a scaredy cat or king of the jungle?

Go ahead and sink your teeth into this provocative app. A most delicious experience is right at your finger tips.